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You want to sell ayour property successfully?

Why should you trust in us?


THE broker in Dolcedo

We are the leading broker for all sorts of propertyselected properties in the Valprino valley and the only brokerreal estate agent located directly in Dolcedo, we are personally there for you. We know the local market, the prices and the local particularities. As we are close to your property, we can make sure that your house or your flat is shown to many interested parties.


We speak your language

We speak German and Italian as first language and English and French fluently, so you can be sure that we can reach all possible buyers and we can communicate and mediate between different kind of languages and mentalities at the same time.


Potential buyers from all over Europe

Thanks to an own internet presence and cooperations international portals, we can market your property all woldwide. Thanks to our experience over the last years we put the main focus to the search for buyers in Italy, Germany, Holland, France, the U.K. and the Nordics.


No obligations

Although we will put greatest efforts in marketing your property we do not force you to sign in an exclusive contract. We don ?t want to put our customers under pressure, we want to sell your house, so we rely on fairness and faith.


Customer liaison and support

Selling property can often get tricky: Missing documents, fiscal problems, whatever question may occure, we can help you with the whole transaction- administrational matters, land register, fiscal questions, appointments with the solicitor, we try to make it easy for you.


Fair provision rules

When we have found a buyer for your house, our agency fee is 3% plus VAT (IVA in Italy = 22%) of the agreed price - and thus lies at the minimum of the fee normally required in Italy.

For properties under 100.000 euros we ask a minimum provision of 3.000.- euros + IVA.

Half of the provision needs to be paid when the preliminary contract has been signed, the other half at the date of the main contract.


For more information, please mail or call us!