You intend to buy a house or a flat in the area?

You want to restore an old farmhouse in Liguria?

So why should you do it with us?

We speak your language

We speak Italian and German as a mother language and English and French fluently, so we can communicate and mediate between different kind of languages and mentalities at the same time.

We have longtime local experience

As we have our office in Dolcedo we are there for you at any time. We know the market and the prices for property in the region and have long time experience in purchase and sale.

Service before and during the purchase

We will be on your side with all the occurring administrative paperwork, appointments with the solicitor or with banks for a property credit. This is for us natural part of the serice. Thanks to our longterm presence as the only broker in the Dolcedo region we know the local particularities and policy makers of the council and the planning comission.

Services after the purchase

Even after the purchase we can offer you services like

- procurance of local architects or reliable craftsmen

- support with the rental of your house as a holiday home

- procurement of translation services or support for questions regarding administrations, ENEL, Telecom etc

Fair provision rules

When we have found the rifght house for you, our agency fee is 3% plus VAT (IVA in Italy = 22%) of the agreed price - and thus lies at the minimum of the fee normally required in Italy.
For properties under 100.000 euros we ask a minimum provision of 3.000.- euros + IVA.
Half of the provision needs to be paid when the preliminary contract has been signed, the other half at the date of the main contract.